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NFL Preview with Jedox | Data from | Rush Direction and Pass Type

NFL Preview Dashboard Team Comparison

About one month ago i start a mini poll via Twitter to search for a new blog theme - question was Soccer Stats or Jedox 6.0 Feature. But someone (@Kingzulu84) had an idea for other stuff :)


So i have to do something in this direction - I take some csv based data for every NFL Game from @darenw (NFLSavant) and put it in a Jedox OLAP database with DataDriven Modelling respective integrated ETL Tool.  

Data Driven Modelling with csv File from

The OLAP Cube with dimension like Play, Offense Team, Defense Team, Formation, Pass Type and Rush Direction with measures like Yards, IsRush, IsPass, IsIncomplete, IsSack, IsIntersecption, IsFumble and calculated measures Yards/Rush or Yards/Pass. 

Dimensions and Cube in Jedox

Dimension: OffenseTeam

Dimension: Rush Direction

Dimension: Measures

And finally with some Adjustment we got something like a dashboard with NFL Preview character with the various Measures and the prefered Rush Direction and PassTypes for the compared Teams in a heatmap. Hopefully you can take some information from that - to be honest im not the big NFL Fan. My favorite QB by the way was Doug Flutie :) - so you can see, it is some time ago that i followed the NFL Scores :)

Lets see the dashboard for the Monday Night Game today between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins:

  • Dallas got 116 Yards more over all Games this season than the Redskins
  • Dallas has more Touchdowns (+2), more Rushes (+39), less Incomplete Passes (-12) and less Fumbles (-6)
  • Washington has more Passes (+42), less Sacks (-7) and Interceptions (-1)
  • Dallas is dominating most of the Rush Direction but Washington got 1,6 Yards more per Rush
  • The other way round for Passing - Dallas got only more Passes by Short Right Type, but in average they got 1,5 Yards more than Washington.
Have a great Monday Night Game - for me it will be too late in the Night :)

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