Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

Who is hot and not in European Top Soccer Leagues?

Top 4 European Soccer Leagues compared to last year at the same time

These stats should clarify which teams has developed positively in the top European leagues in comparison to last year. The analysis compares each team at the same time last year - it includes only teams that have played the last two years in the top division of the country. Top 4 Leagues are in this case Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

As always this report was done with Jedox and can be dynamically filtered by user.

Example Borussia Dortmund

The basis for sorting are the points gained additionally - compared to last year (absolute value - for BVB +10). Furthermore, the improved ranking is displayed (from 14 to 2) and the winning (+3 more wins) / draw (+1) and loss (-4) deviations. Further comparisons show additional goals scored (BVB: +12 | +120%) and points per game in the 2015-16 season (2,13).

Here are the results for each League:

Germany - Bundesliga

Spain - La Liga

England - Premier League

Italy - Serie A

And now the Top Ten in Europe:

Top Ten Teams compared to last year

Flop Ten:
Flop Ten in Euopean Soccer by now compared to last year

Some will say that I was looking for just a statistic that Dortmund shows in a Top Rank - hm maybe :)

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